So far our 2023 season has been a blast, take a look!

We started off our season with Eli and Marysol's wedding filled with so much family and love. One of my favorite parts of weddings is getting to know everyone in attendance, your people that love you. I often find myself becoming best friends with at least a few extended family members and guaranteed members of your party. Which brings us to Sasha and Anthony's mountain wedding filled with friends from elementary school who told the best stories about the groom that had even us laughing out loud one second and crying the next. As I type this we are actually a little over a week out from Sarah and Zach's wedding, however over the summer we got to explore one of our favorite areas of Ojito Wilderness to take their dreamy engagement photos. Not pictured but currently in the creative process is the full film from Brianne and Louis's big day at our favorite venue in ABQ Old Town Farm. We cannot wait to share the film once it's complete, it was seriously one of the best dance parties at any wedding we have been to so far!

What else have we been up too?

Nick and myself actually took the first three weeks of the summer off immediately after shooting one wedding and returned a few days before filming another wedding. We decided to backpack around Europe and hit Morocco as well. It was an absolute blast and we actually got to witness a wedding happening in the highlands of Scotland! Nick only brought our film camera and decided to solely shoot through that camera only and he got some amazing stuff that you can check out below (along with a couple of my digital shots)

What's coming up next for us this season?


we will be hitting Denver in a couple months for a wedding at the Manor House for some clients that we actually met a wedding last year! We are so excited to be able to capture their day and see some guests from last years wedding where we all met!

Spooky Boudoir

Every halloween season I love getting to do spooky boudoir, a fun creative event where clients can dress up, get spooky and sexy for some fun witchy photos. Wanna join? Reach out here to inquire!


Did you know Explora hosts weddings? No, neither did we and guess what in September we are shooting a wedding there under the big dome and we are literally counting down the days till September 16th.

El Monte Sagrado

One of our favorite venues in Taos, with its utter beauty throughout the whole resort, El Monte puts on weddings that are unforgettable and we always feel so lucky getting to be able to capture big days there! Best part we get to shoot a wedding on my 32nd birthday there and I can't wait.

These two cuties below actually get married in a few weeks here in town and are so excited to not only capture their day in photo but also create a film of the day, one that will last a lifetime.

We look forward to sharing more with you all in the coming months!

Thanks for following along <3 Klaus and Emily