Hey, Emily here!

If you found yourself here then you are in the right spot.

I'm Emily, the wife of Klaus James and the 6 lady behind the camera! Surprise guess what, I also shoot some pretty spicy things. I don't necessarily want to label myself just as a boudoir photographer, although yes in the technical sense I do shoot boudoir, but I like to think of it more as a portrait photographer. I capture you specifically, in whatever vulnerable stripped away sense that might be. The lense is a powerful tool that can revive a persons sense of self.

It can also be empowering to take back and embrace your sexuality. Making it something you control, not others. It feels good, to feel good in your skin. It has taken me years to be comfortable in my skin, I still have to remind myself occasionally that my mama rolls, curves and booty are fire and I am here to remind you that you, are incredible just the way you are. Take my hand and let's embark on this self love journey together.

When it comes to my clients I like to take the time to invest into them, the same way they are investing in myself. I want to hear your ideas and can give some of my own if you don't know where to start. Across the board I offer print release and an online gallery with full download,, but each session individually is something creative and fun that we will build together. My biggest thing is I want you to fall in love with your session from beginning to end, so let's set something up.