With business being a little slow and having been on a constant hussle for the last few months it was definitely time for an escape. Maddy (@madhalpsphoto) and I had talked about meeting up somewhere in between where we both lived for months but hadn't made the effort to do so. Life just happens. But alas we both finally had non-conflicting schedules and were able to pull off a 24hr adventure to The Great Sand Dunes in southern Colorado. 


     While the trip was fairly planned we didn't really have a styled shoot planned or anything until only a couple days prior. Not really being able to find models for obvious reasons we figured why not just use ourselves? So on a whim we each got some clothes together and just hoped they matched. Which I'd personally say we did pretty good for a last minute idea! 


     On the first night we made it on time to shoot for sunset and the lighting was perfect. However, the wind was not.. It was so bad that it felt like pins and needles to the face. So naturally I stashed my camera right away and unfortunately only ended up with a photo of my pup and a couple of Iphone snaps. Oh and a swollen arm from all the mosquito bites. It was time to call it a day.


     With the night before being so windy I was pretty skeptical about bringing my camera out for another try the following morning. I was convinced that the wind was even worse with how it felt at the base. Thankfully Maddy felt differently because I was absolutely wrong.  Not only was there nobody on the dunes to get in our way but it was completely calm all morning. We were actually gonna make this awfully planned shoot work out! 


    So I would be lying if I said we only shot bangers. If anything, half were trash if I'm being honest. With not having a tripod and having to run in sand to get into position, we were pretty set up for failure.  The photo above is a great example of some of the trash we got. But buried in all the silly and unfocused faces there always lies a sweet shot that makes all the frustration worth it. 


     If you have never done a styled shoot using yourself I highly suggest it. Especially with another photographer. It was super fun to mesh two creative minds together to come up with some quality content. Content that can even be used. In the end, even if we didn't end up with shots like the ones above and below I still would have been pleased. It was never about getting sweet content and looking cool ;) As someone that spent a long time traveling (those that have done so themselves will understand) that the itch to get out again is alway there. Which is exactly why I got into adventure wedding photography. It always brings me to beautiful places with beautiful people. It's trips like these that remind me i'm still an adventurous soul. Plus i'm just thankful to be around good people and escape from "life." Even if it is for only 24hrs.