Why a Wedding Film?

We recently got to view some super 8 footage from my side of the family and seeing such young versions of loved ones you have only ever known as older was beautiful. I never felt more thankful to have video footage of my grandmothers wedding, seeing them get ready and being silly.


Imagine you could not only see your partner's face when they see you for that first time coming down the aisle but also watch their gasps and whispers of "oh my goodness".

Get to rewatch the dance moves, the laughs, the tears all of it.

Not only will you get to relive those memories your future generations will & trust me, they want that footage of you.

Brooke & Zach

Old Town Farm, NM

Daniela & Blair

Four Seasons, Santa Fe

Brianne & Louis

Old Town Farm , NM

Shanna & Sean

Denver, CO

Shannon & Andrew

El Zocalo, NM

Donna & Jesse

Edgewood, NM

Brandon & Isabelle

Pagosa Springs, CO

Keegan & Angel

Four Seasons, Santa Fe